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Chiropractor Coon Rapids MN Kenneth Ruf
Chiropractor Coon Rapids MN Kenneth Ruf
Dr. Kenneth Ruf D.C.

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Welcome to Caring Chiropractic Center located in Coon Rapids, MN. This website is here to give you a flavor of who we are, what we do and how we can help you with your healthcare needs through the lens of Chiropractic care. Chiropractic is an amazing type of healthcare that deals with both specific problems you might have (i.e. neck and back pain, symptoms from an auto accident, sciatica, headaches etc.), as well as working on your "whole body" to ultimately work on getting your body to work at it's best potential so you don't stay in the pattern of going from health crisis to health crisis

Caring Chiropractic Center

Dr Ruf's goal is to get your body to deal with all of life's stressors more efficiently. As a Chiropractor with 30 years in under his belt, Dr Ruf has seen most everything. He has a passion for finding out your specific needs, evaluation your situation, explaining how Chiropractic can help and then efficiently treating you with very specific adjustments and therapies that will help.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Coon Rapids MN chiropractors with any further questions you have. We are here to help you achieve your goals.


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At Caring Chiropractic Center we pride ourselves on creating a loving and caring environment where people come with a wide variety of problems and feel they are being heard, educated and cared for with professionalism and excellence. We take the time to do a detailed analysis and then explain the results thoroughly so you can make the best health care decisions.

The most common comments we get, are that Dr Ruf is simply a GREAT adjuster and gets phenomenal results! Whether he is adjusting necks, low backs or ankles and feet, or analyzing the effects of an automobile accident , his experience and attention to detail are easily seen. He has taken the time to really study and perfect the gift and true "art" of adjusting with specificity and accuracy. God truly has given him a gift that he uses to serve others.

Many of our patients come in with different issues and then choose to stay and work on maintaining their health with our wellness plan we have set up to make it easy and affordable to STAY healthy and avert the yoyo health crisis' from continuing.

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30 years ago my wife and I came to Coon Rapids MN looking for a great community to start a Chiropractic practice, and raise a family. I decided to start by knocking on 1200 homes in the Coon Rapids MN area, meeting and talking to the folks of the community, asking questions about what they thought of the area and Chiropractic. What I found were amazingly welcoming people who were open to letting me help them with their healthcare. It was a natural fit for my "down home" style of practice of getting to know people, creating a family and involving ourselves in the Coon Rapids MN, Anoka and Andover area. It has been our pleasure to serve the people of Coon Rapid MN and the surrounding area with excellent Chiropractic care ever since!



Most patients don't realize how much education chiropractors in Coon Rapids MN have. Chiropractors are held to some of the most intense educational standards in any health field. In fact, their education standards are very comparable to that of a medical doctor. After completing a strong emphasis of basic sciences in college, chiropractors attend a four-year chiropractic college. This means that chiropractors are primary care physicians. In other words, you don't have to have a referral to see a chiropractor.

Is chiropractic the right treatment for you? Call our team at Caring Chiropractic Center in Coon Rapids MN. We will do our best to help you reach your goals.

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Common conditions that people in Coon Rapids MN, Anoka and Andover come into our office with are the standard neck, low back aches, along with muscle spasms, headaches, sciatica, foot, ankle, wrist and elbow problems, numbness in the arms and hands, carpal tunnel, and sinus issues. Because of his extensive experience, Dr Ruf also sees a lot of people who have been in automobile accidents and work injuries.

As you can see, a chiropractor can assist you in achieving total body wellness, without the quick leap to medications, which are commonly used in the traditional medical arena.

Dr. Kenneth Ruf is a licensed Chiropractor proudly serving the Coon Rapids MN and surrounding communities. For over 25 years, Dr. Ruf has been helping Minnesota residents achieve optimal health results through chiropractic adjustments and building individual wellness plans. Feel free to browse our testimonials page to hear the positive outcomes many of our patients have experienced after receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Kenneth Ruf.

Unlike larger practices, we treat each of our patients as an individual. This starts with our “whole person approach”. This involves looking for underlying symptoms for any disturbances or disruptions, which may or may not be causing the current symptoms that brought you into our Chiropractic office. Dr. Ruf listens to your unique problems and works to help create a life that works for you and only you.

Caring Chiropractic Center proudly accepts most insurance providers. We also accept workers compensation, auto accident, personal injury and Medicare to cover the cost of your MN chiropractic services. Depending on the type of insurance that you have it’s always best to call our Coon Rapids MN office to determine whether or not your care will be covered. Should your insurance not be accepted at our location, we are more than happy to work with you on a flexible payment plan. Many of our patients are surprised at the low cost of chiropractic services, even without insurance.

At Caring Chiropractic Center it is always our goal to reduce the amount of pain that you suffer on a daily basis while hopefully weaning you off some of the medications that have been prescribed by other healthcare providers. Take the important step of investing in your future by setting up an appointment with your local Minnesota Chiropractor, Dr. Kenneth Ruf.

If you don’t feel like you are receiving the level of care that you deserve from your current health provider, pick up the phone and give the professionals at Caring Chiropractic Center a call today. We’ll be glad to setup a free consultation to discuss your healthcare needs and look forward to helping you achieve a more enjoyable lifestyle. The small investment in chiropractic services will be well worth it when you begin to see the many health benefits in your daily life.

"The Doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

- Thomas Edison



"Since coming to this office my range of motion with my neck has improved a lot! I have more energy and am able to keep up with my grandkids. Family and friends are happier around me!"
- Sandy

"I was sent here by my friend. My ears rang to the point I had to quit choir because I could not match pitch with the person next to me. With Dr. Ruf and Chiropractic help my left ear no longer rings at all! I send everyone that will listen to me to Dr Ruf... I feel so much better!"
- Darryl