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Asthma in Coon Rapids

We see a lot of patients that come into to our office that suffer with the asthma in Coon Rapids. What asthma is, you will find the nerves in the body travel off the spine and go to all the organs in your body. The organ in concern here is the bronchioles within the lungs. Asthma is a condition is where the bronchioles spasm, that means that the diameter of the bronchial tube get smaller and so air is not able to pass through the tubes into the lungs which puts oxygen into the blood stream. The cause of this problem, following the nerves back to the spine between the shoulder blades the nerves from the bronchioles come from the spine. So when you have bones, pinching on the nerves it is causing a lack of energy getting to the organ and then the organ breaks down and causes asthma. So are you one of these people that struggle, you don’t have asthma because you are running low on drugs. You have asthma because you have pinched nerves in your spine.

At Caring Chiropractic you can schedule an appointment and have Dr. Ruf check your spine for pinched nerves and he will do a full examination and sit down with you and give you a plan of action to start you on the road to great health!

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