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Dr. Kenneth Ruf and the health staff at Caring Chiropractic Center invite you to our location if you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome in Coon Rapids MN. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a collection of symptoms that affect your wrist. You may feel wrist pain, hand tingling or numbness, grip strength weakness, and limited wrist movement. The causes for this condition vary and include overuse, repetitive motions, lack of flexibility, or an injury to your hand or wrist. The reasons for your symptoms are interference of the nerve that supplies signals to your hand. This nerve rests in a small tunnel-like space. If the space gets compressed, it places pressure on the nerve. Our chiropractic care is designed to improve the tunnel space and position your wrist in a pain-free alignment to reduce your current and future symptoms.

Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief With Chiropractic Care in Coon Rapids MN

Carpal tunnel pain may remain constant or it may come and go depending on your activity level. For example, if you play tennis over the weekend, you may feel wrist pain for a few days and then it decreases. Some of this pain is typical if you have not used those muscles in a while, but if the pain remains or is worse in the morning, we invite you to Caring Chiropractic Center for a consultation with Dr. Ruf. He examines your wrist and then determines which of our treatment options will bring you immediate and lasting pain relief. Some of our chiropractic care for carpal tunnel includes:

  • Wrist adjustments - Dr. Ruf gently positions the bones of your wrist to allow for greater freedom of movement and to reduce pressure on the nerve. Many of our clients feel an immediate reduction in pain. After several adjustments, your wrist begins to remain in this healthier position and your symptoms decrease.
  • Exercises- Dr. Ruf shows you ways to stretch and strengthen your wrists, hands, and forearms to reduce your pain symptoms. These may include taking breaks from typing on a computer keyboard or stretching breaks throughout the day to keep your wrists limber and pain-free.
  • Nutritional support- our health team uses nutritional therapy as part of your carpal tunnel treatment. This helps your body receive essential nutrients to restore damaged tissues and keep your bones and muscles strong.

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If you notice, our carpal tunnel treatments are natural and designed to work with your body's ability to heal itself. Our goal is to position your wrist so that it heals appropriately and without lasting discomfort. In addition, we show you how to make small adjustments in your daily and weekly routines to avoid a flare of carpal tunnel syndrome in the future. Dr. Ruf uses a holistic approach to carpal tunnel treatment in Coon Rapids so that your symptoms are eliminated, the cause of your discomfort is improved and you are able to return to the activities you enjoy without worry of pain. Schedule your consultation today.

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