Chiropractic Testimonials

"I came to Caring Chiropractic through a referral from a friend. I was overtaken by pain and numbness. I had trouble walking, was falling a lot, and couldn't get my balance. After getting treated by Dr. Ruf I have less pain, better circulation, not as much stiffness in my joints, stress doesn't get to me like it used to and I have a much more positive outlook on life! I am sick a lot less often, and when I am, it doesn't drag on.. I have a lot of problems yet, but hate to imagine what shape I'd be in without Dr. Ruf. The staff makes me feel at home and treats you like a friend!"

- Dave

"I was involved in a head on collision 15 years ago and through Chiropractic I was able to return to work after having serious neck and back trauma. I had trouble even performing normal daily tasks! After the recovery from the accident, frequent adjustments with Dr Ruf have improved my flexibility, my sleep habits have improved, and motivation in my life has increased. I would recommend Chiropractic care to everyone, for along with adjustments to your body improving your quality of life, the knowledge I have attained from Dr Ruf has helped me become more healthy overall!"

- Marcel

"I lived down the street from Caring Chiropractic and I needed medical help days before Christmas. It was a dark, cold and late in the evening. I was in tears because my back was not bending and in terrible pain. I drove up to the office and met Dr Ruf as he was headed out the door for a date night with Mrs. Ruf. He said, "I'll be late but you need my help more!"... I've been coming ever since that cold December night. Thank you Dr. Ruf!!! I now have relief from my lower back pain and I feel happier inside and it shows on the outside. I have a smile on my face, walk with ease and have a brighter outlook for each day."

- Amy

"I had a low back injury and couldn't move around much or play with my kids. Dr Ruf fixed me up and there has been no more problem. Also, I lost my hearing in my right ear. Dr Ruf ahs been working on my neck and ear with auriculotherapy and my hearing is slowly returning!! I have more comfort, better range of movement, feel more relaxed, my sleep improved and I am generally happier."

- Ben

"I met Dr. Ruf at the Anoka County Fair, when he was doing scans. I had a lot of neck stiffness, no energy and I was very moody. I had gone to another Chiropractor for several years but wasn't happy with their type of treatment. Since coming to this office my range of motion with my neck has improved a lot! I have more energy and am able to keep up with my grandkids. Family and friends are happier around me!"

- Sandy

"I had a migraine and sharp pain in my lower back and drove in to see if Dr Ruf could help me. I wasn't able to lift or focus on anything. I had immediate relief and with continued visits I have been able to lift more, sleep better and feel healthier. The staff is always helpful, friendly and honest. I am always recommending Dr Ruf to people and highly recommend him as he is gentle, understanding and adjustments keep me living a healthier life style. I don't see doctors like I used to either!"

- LaDawn

"I was a walk-in, no referral, and I love Dr Ruf and the staff. I wish someone would have referred me sooner! I had a stiff neck, stiff back and hormonal issues. My neck is always tight, my back is so tight, and coudn't stretch certain ways. Now I feel loose and very mobile. My hormones have less "flair ups". Now I have more energy, feel more "centered" and not so off balance, and my posture has improved greatly. I now find myself out of posture and easily have it fixed ASAP! Chiropractic is something I do for myself to feel better mentally and physically."

- Holly

"My brother listened to me complain about my back over and over and over and he got me a gift certificate for Christmas to Caring Chiropractic. I was in so much pain and so tired I had nothing to lose and only something to gain! After treatments I have slept better, my hearing became superhero like! I could hear with such clarity... I had forgotten what my footsteps sounded like! My arches of my feet bounced back... how is that even possible???? I feel young again and I will never doubt Chiropractic again!"

- Jennifer

"I was sent here by my friend. My ears rang to the point I had to quit choir because I could not match pitch with the person next to me. With Dr. Ruf and Chiropractic help my left ear no longer rings at all! I send everyone that will listen to me to Dr Ruf... I feel so much better!"

- Darryl

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