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Foot Pain in Coon Rapids

Many people in our office come in struggling with foot pain in Coon Rapids and there is usually a reason for it. What we find with people (look at the chart here, the foot is made up of 26 bones) is that any of those bones can shift around and they do, for the simple reason that your standing on them, there is gravity on them and they are going to drop and what happens, unfortunately is that most people are candidates for getting their feet adjusted as well as their feet have to be supported with arches to hold the curvature back into the bottom of the foot, and so with the art form of Chiropractic we are able to feet to put them back in their proper place, which is very soothing and relieving to foot pain and plantar fasciitis, as well as we will fit you with arch supports through our laser scanner and have the appropriate arch supports that you can stand on and work on, on a daily basis to help the fatigue and pain in your feet. So if this is a problem you struggle with, call our office, we will set up an appointment and we will sit down with you, do an evaluation and talk about what your options are. Give us a call today!

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