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Lower back pain is a condition that is very prevalent in our society. It is found that 80% of people, by the time of age 40, will have suffered multiple, frequent or occasional bouts of reoccurring low back pain. This condition is responsible for being the number one cause of loss of work days in the workforce. There are many methods that have been attempted to treat low back pain, some successful and some unsuccessful. With Chiropractic care at Caring Chiropractic Center in Coon Rapids, MN we take a very different look at your back pain than medical clinics. Statistically Chiropractic adjustments have been found to be the quickest and most cost effective form of treatment for episodic or reoccurring bouts of low back pain.

At Caring Chiropractic, Dr Ruf tries to take a common sense perspective of your low back pain, with Chiropractic treatment in mind. Chiropractors consider a low back pain and loss of mobility a mechanical condition. This is because it involves movement and flexibility of the joints, muscles and ligaments. Mechanical conditions typically respond very well to mechanical types of treatments, such as Chiropractic spinal adjustments.


Low back pain is a symptomatic expression of the body showing dysfunction. This is a condition where tissues of the body (joints, muscles, and ligaments) are full of sensory receptors that tell the brain postural sense, position sense, and pain sense. When these receptors in these tissues are stimulated, they appropriately express themselves (e.g. pain receptors cause pain). When a person is in this predicament of having pain they have choices. The easy choice in our society is to take drugs to get rid of the pain. In reality, the pain is never the problem. The pain is just a symptom of the problem. There is usually something underlying that is driving the pain to get your attention. To only treat the symptoms, like pain, is not truly addressing the root cause of the problem. There are many options and choices in our society to treat back pain such as drugs, stretching, or ignoring and hoping that it goes away. These options do not get to the root and cause of the problem and only dealing with the symptoms allow the body to live with the dysfunction and degenerate into further, irreversible problems.

The underlying goal of Chiropractic is to work with someone who is trained to assess and determine appropriate treatment to begin the process of rehabilitation of joints, muscles and ligaments. The cause of the problem are joints of the body that are out of alignment creating stiffness and tightness in the joints, muscles and ligaments of the spine that over time are wearing down the joint to the point where the pain receptors are beginning to fire. When this happens a person becomes quite miserable. To not rehabilitate the condition at this stage is allowing this process to continue to deteriorate (better known as arthritis) and as it deteriorates the supporting structures of the spine continue to get weaker over time. Once it hits a certain threshold of deterioration it hits a point of no return where the body can’t be rehabilitated back to its state of health and wellness. At this point surgery may be the only option to fuse the spine and then there are limitations and maladies associated with that treatment. But it is the only thing that is left as a treatment.

How Does Caring Chiropractic Evaluate Your Back Pain
Dr Kenneth Ruf is an experienced Chiropractor in Coon Rapids and has been practicing for close to 30 years, treating people with low back pain and injuries. When a person comes to Caring Chiropractic Center, the first thing we do is educate them to help them to understand what is going on with their body and how Chiropractic care can help their body. Then we sit down with them and take a history of their condition (determining the extent and severity of the condition) and Dr Ruf then does a physical assessment to determine the root cause of what is causing the symptoms. In this evaluation he looks to the 33 bones of the spine, its alignment pattern, the flexibility and motion patterns as well as the neurological patterns as a result of nerves being pinched. If needed he will take x-rays of your spine to determine the health of the bones, to look at the discs, the alignment of the bones and the amount of degeneration that may or may not be present. With all this baseline information gathered (detailed assessment of your history, your physical exam, and your x-ray findings) Dr Ruf prepares a report of his recommendations for treatment.

How Does Caring Chiropractic Center Treat Your Back Pain
At Caring Chiropractic Center the usual mode of treatment for these conditions consists a series of gentle mobilizing corrective spinal adjustments to get the spine back in proper alignment, to unpinch the nerves in the spine that are causing radiating pain and to bring flexibility and movement back into your patterns of movement. Depending on the severity and condition we also offer electrical muscle stimulation, muscle work, massage, and as the person starts to progress, exercise instruction to strengthen the supporting tissues in the low back. Often times people can expect to see immediate pain relief, or sometimes or in addition steady improvement over the first couple of weeks. But as you will learn, symptoms are not how you should judge the health of your joints, tissues and ligaments. Dr Ruf will be evaluating you at each visit to determine how the joint is moving, the tone of the muscles and ligaments as he changes the movement of the joint and use these different assessments to determine how much and how far the restoration of the joints has come. Restoring function and flexibility to these joints tissues and ligaments will ultimately cause your overall health to improve because the nerves that come out of the spine will have greater capacity to communicate with the cells and tissues.

Take Action Not Only To Relieve Your Back Pain, But To Improve the Function of Your Joints
If you have been suffering with lower back pain and living with an annoying aching stiffness and tightness with bouts of flare ups, you owe it to yourself to get a spinal assessment. Just like any condition if treated early before destruction and deterioration takes place the resolution of pain and suffering is much faster. Low Back Pain is usually an indication of much deeper dysfunction in the joint of your spine. Leaving it go, ignoring it, will only bring on more pain and suffering later.

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