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While some may think chiropractic care is only necessary after a sports injury, work injury or other traumatic experience, this isn’t always the case. Wellness chiropractic care is an integral part of maintaining overall health and is an important piece of your overall health. At Caring Chiropractic Center we work with patients that need more reoccurring chiropractic adjustments but we also work with a large number of patients that simply come to our chiropractic office for small chiropractic adjustments to keep them on the road to a healthy body.


When you think about your vehicle or your home, you assume that general maintenance is normal. You change the oil in your car and you paint your house and handle small maintenance problems with no question. Do you provide your body with this same level of “maintenance”? Chances are you don’t, which could be causing your body to work harder to stay healthy than is necessary.

Spinal health is important to your overall wellbeing. The spine is actually comprised of 33 bones and tissues and houses the spinal cord. The role of the spinal cord is to connect all of the body’s organs and tissue to the brain through a variety of nerve roots that are all connected. Over time the spine can become misaligned due to the normal wear and tear of everyday routines as well as a variety of injuries. When your spine becomes misaligned it can then cause problems with the rest of your body, which affects the general wellness of your daily life.

Visiting a MN chiropractor can help to reverse the effects brought on by injury or just everyday life. Using chiropractic adjustments, a chiropractor can bring the spine back into proper position, which can significantly reduce any pain that you’re dealing with and also improve your overall general wellness.


The rigors of daily life can be taxing. If not done correctly, your daily activities can result in injury to the spine. Caring Chiropractic Clinic has put together a list of tips to help you avoid pain and injury and keep you feeling like you’re in tiptop shape.

  • Sitting
    Choose a type of chair that is firm enough to support you comfortably, and be sure not to slouch.
    Sit with your feet flat so that your knees are a bit higher than your hips. Depending on your height you may need a small footstool to achieve this sitting position. Always sit firmly back in your chair.
    Avoid crossing your legs at the knees to prevent circulation problems, which can lead to spine misalignment.
  • Working at a Desk
    Take multiple breaks throughout the day if you sit for extended periods of time.
    Sit so that your knees are at between a 90 and 120 degree angle. You may need an angled footstool to achieve this properly.
    Make sure to choose a chair that tilts backwards to allow you to rest when reading.
    Elevate your computer screen to avoid neck fatigue.
  • Standing
    Avoid wearing high heels if you’re going to be standing for long periods of time.
    Try to maintain good posture when standing so that your head is always level and you’re not slouching.
  • Lifting
    Avoid twisting and turning, especially when lifting heavy objects.
    Always bend at your knees, not at your waist.
    When lifting, position your feet about 12 – 18 inches apart and squat or kneel in front of the object and lift as you straighten up. Always lift with your leg, arm and shoulder muscles as opposed to your back.

If you’re still concerned with your overall wellness, it may be time to come in and talk with a Chiropractor. Dr. Kenneth Ruf in Coon Rapids will be glad to assess your situation and develop a plan that will help you to either improve your quality of life or simply maintain it if you’re not currently dealing with any major health issues. Remember that maintenance is key when keeping up with your general wellness over time. Give our office a call today to setup a consultation with Dr. Ruf and his team.

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