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In our quest to be a full-service wellness clinic, we often have patients that ask for help with a nutrition plan in Coon Rapids MN. When starting out as a new patient it’s incredibly important to understand what you’re eating and how that may be contributing to your overall health. At Caring Chiropractic Center, we think of chiropractic care as just one part of an overall strategy for a healthy life. All of this can be easily derailed with poor nutrition. In our practice, we offer a blend of herbal and nutritional supplements as well as vitamins and nutritional therapy plans to help you avoid illness and improve your overall wellness.


  • Pollution of the Environment – Every day large amounts of harmful chemicals are thrown out into the environment. This pollution quickly makes its way into our water, food, and air sources, which can lead to illness. Studies have shown that pollution is thought to be the main cause of a variety of degenerative diseases. High-quality supplements can help to boost your immunity and protect your body against the dangers of pollution.
  • Genetically modified food – GM foods are types of crops that are created for animal and human consumption using advanced technology. GM foods are typically created to boost production and improve the nutritional value of crops. While there are standards that must be met for food to make its way into your local grocery store, long-term studies are lacking to determine the effects of GM foods on humans. Also, genetically modified foods have been shown to cause allergic reactions in some humans.
  • Food irradiation – This is a technique used to extend the life of food on supermarket shelves. These techniques delay ripening through exposure to ionizing energy and even sometimes radiation. While this process may extend the shelf life of foods, it also strips key nutrients from foods including important vitamins and antioxidants. These methods are frequently used in chicken, other meats, and vegetables
  • Lifestyle – Depending on your lifestyle, supplements may be a way for you to absorb certain nutrients that you would otherwise not consume. The busier you are, the more likely you’re not taking care of yourself like you should. Supplements and nutritional therapy can help you right your nutritional “ship”, which can then trickle into other areas of your overall wellness.
  • Stress – There’s no doubt that most Americans are more stressed out than in previous generations. The advances in technology have allowed our society to evolve into individuals feeling like they can never truly detach from stressors like work and other responsibilities. Fortunately, our wellness clinic can show you how certain supplements can offset some of the detrimental effects of prolonged stress.
  • Food Pesticides – It’s no surprise to many that pesticides are used in all sorts of foods to control pests. Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure that you’re not eating food laced with pesticides unless you choose to eat entirely organic.
  • Processed Foods – Most foods that you purchase from local supermarkets are processed. These processed foods contain far fewer nutrients than the same type of food found at an organic market. If you’re losing valuable nutrients due to processed foods, it’s important to take certain supplements to offset some of this nutrition loss.

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Nutritional therapy goes along with our goal of treating the whole person. If you’ve been struggling with what vitamins, supplements, and foods are right for you, it may be time to contact our office to set up a consultation to discuss your unique nutritional needs. We’ll gladly cater a unique nutritional plan based on your goals and needs and help you to get rid of toxins in your body that could be creating issues that you may not even be aware of.

To talk with one of our nutrition specialists in Coon Rapids MN call our office today at (763) 421-1905.