Back Pain Relief from your Coon Rapids Chiropractor

Back Pain Relief in Coon Rapids MN

The most common reason for patients to see a chiropractor is back pain of all types. At Caring Chiropractic Center we see patients with pain from every cause, from temporary minor problems to potentially crippling lifestyle problems. Dr. Kenneth Ruf, our Coon Rapids chiropractor, will design a personalized treatment plan for every patient who comes in for back pain relief, including changes in your environment and habits that can help to prevent the back pain from coming back.


When you come for a consultation with our chiropractor in Coon Rapids, he'll talk with you about potential causes for your pain. The best way to prevent recurring back aches is to find out what's causing them to prevent them from happening all over again. We see many common causes in our office; here are some of the ones we see most often:

  • Work Environment: If you don't have an ergonomic setup at work and are forced to sit at an uncomfortable desk all day long, your chances of back pain are high. Ergonomic chairs, putting the monitor at the correct level and investing in wrist rests and other tools can help keep the pain away.
  • Posture: Your mother was right: you should stand up straight and never slouch. Keeping your posture straight, whether sitting or standing, is the first thing you should do to help prevent backaches.
  • Sleeping Positions: According to the Mayo Clinic, changing your sleeping position can eliminate lower back pain. Use pillows between your legs if you sleep on the side and place one under your knees if you sleep on your back.
  • Lifestyle: A variety of lifestyle changes can do wonders for your back. If you're constantly picking up small children, follow the "lift with your knees" rule to reduce strains. If you play sports, make sure to warm up sufficiently before playing. Whatever you do, alternate between sitting and standing to keep from getting stiff during the day.

Are You in Need of Back Pain Treatment?

No matter what the cause, temporary or chronic back pain can affect your entire way of life. Our entire team in our Coon Rapids chiropractic office is dedicated to helping you to become pain free. Call our office to make an appointment to get back on the road to good health.

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