How Do You Stop Muscle or Back Spasms in Coon Rapids MN?

How Do You Stop Muscle or Back Spasms in Coon Rapids MN?

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When you notice pain in your muscles or a sudden jump that occurs involuntarily, it may stem from a muscle spasm in Coon Rapids MN. By understanding the cause of the spasms and taking measures to treat the underlying problems, you limit the pain and allow your body to heal.


A muscle spasm refers to an involuntary contraction of a specific muscle or group of muscles. When the muscles contracting occur in your back, then you have back spasms. Essentially, it is a tension in your muscles that occurs without your conscious decision to move or contract the muscles. It may cause physical pain or discomfort. In other situations, it causes uncomfortable movements, such as hiccups.


The reason back spasms or other muscle spasms occur depend on the individual and their situation.

Most people think MUSCLE when they have a muscle spasm. They try to figure out what they did to the muscle to make it spasm. What if there was another reason a muscle spasms. What if the nerves that come out of the spine that control the muscles get pinched and interrupt the flow of energy to the muscles and cause it to go into spasm. What if the joint that is near the muscle bundle is in distress and not moving properly causing the nerves to be pinched to the entire area. What if the stress to the joint not working causes the muscles to have to constrict and contort to support the joint in a different way than usual. An example would be: when a rib in the chest goes out, the muscles around that rib try to keep the rib in position and then they get stressed and can start spasming. By seeking Coon Rapids MN chiropractic care, Dr Ruf will look at all the areas of the spine and nerves and address the underlying causes by looking to the body and how it moves and supports itself.

Common reasons a chiropractor in Coon Rapids MN may identify as the cause of your spasms include:

  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Female monthly cycles, which may cause cramping and spasms in different muscle groups
  • Electrolyte imbalances or dietary factors
  • Dehydration
  • Pinched Nerve
  • Joints out of place

The key to addressing the underlying problem is clarifying the reasons for your spasms. A chiropractor develops a strategy for pain relief after identifying the factors that impact your physical situation.

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Treatment from a Coon Rapids MN Chiropractor

A Coon Rapids MN chiropractor uses different treatments for back spasms and muscle spasms after identifying the causes of your pain and dysfunction. First we look to the spine and find out if there is pressure on the nerves. If so, we recommend a series of adjustments that are specifically applied to relieve the pressure and allow the body to settle the nerves, and thus the muscles down. We may also recommend dietary changes or increased fluid intake to address problems with nutrition, electrolytes or dehydration. We also recommend applying ice, stretches and exercises to help maintain your muscle mass.

Muscle spasms impact your life by causing discomfort. Muscle spasms are often a reaction from the body to an undetected stress in the nerves and misalignment of the vertebrae.