Natural Treatment for Migraine Headache Sufferers in Coon Rapids MN

Natural Treatment for Migraine Headache Sufferers in Coon Rapids MN

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It has been shown that 9 out of 10 can suffer from headaches in Coon Rapids MN at one time or another. The factors that can stimulate the onset of headaches may be occupational, repetitive positions, that of sitting over a work station or over a computer, or even driving for long periods of time. Factors also contributing can be lifestyle activities like diet, sleep, tobacco usage, or physical and emotional stressors that can all lead to causing migraine headaches. Chiropractic treatment has been found to be the most effective form of relief without the side effects compared with medicine. At the Duke University evidence-base practice center, researchers found that after studying multiple forms of treatment for tension headaches, chiropractic adjustments offer the longest form of relief, much better than commonly prescribed drugs.

About Headaches and Migraines in Coon Rapids MN

The typical American lifestyle leads to an overstressed lifestyle with repetitive activities that take a toll on the body., This means postural fatigue, repeating patterns in food allergy sensitivities, living with environmental toxins that set people off from smells, perfumes, chemicals in the house, cleaning products, as well as a shear lack of physical exercise and movement. As a chiropractor, when we examine patients, we are looking for structural imbalances in the spine's posture, and look at the posture from the shoulders to even how the feet move. Any kind of postural distortion is going to place undo stress in the spine aggravating the nervous system, which makes the body more hyper-sensitive and reactive to life's challenges and stressors. As your Chiropractor in Coon Rapids MN, we can catch many other things that doctors won't see, because we look for different things. An example would be when we find a lot of patients with fallen arches that have collapsed, where the feet rotate inward, the ankles rotate and the distortion transmits up through the pelvic bones, through the spine and these distortions affect the head carriage in your posture. This places constant structural tension or imbalance in your movement patterns, which leads to stress in the spine and aggravation to one's nervous system. Many people's first thought is what drug can I take that will help my symptoms, when really the symptoms are the body's cry for help, not that it is running low on drugs. The reality that we try to teach of patients is that the body is a self-healing self-regulating organism and we are designed and meant to be adaptive and heal ourselves from within. But everything in your body is controlled and regulated by your nervous system, and when your nervous system is irritated and agitated, it becomes hyper-sensitive and reacts with symptomology. If you can do something to relieve that irritation, and reduce the overall stress to the nervous system the symptoms of the body are going to be relieved.

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Some of the best recommendations we can offer our patients is to come in for a complete spinal examination and see if your body has pressure on the nerves causing this reaction of the nerves! Then we use spinal manipulation to restore the biomechanics and relieve the pinched nerves in the spine as well as work on overall flexibility and movement. We provide nutritional support recommendations, especially taking vitamin complex, and B complex vitamins. We offer ergonomic exercises and stretching, to stretch out the reoccurring tension and tightness that cause muscle pain and fatigue. Many migraine suffers suffer from teeth clenching, which stimulate the TMJ joints in the jaw, which radiant pain to the head. We need to get people wearing mouth guards to relieve their teeth from touching. Another important things is to avoid dehydration by drinking your body weight in ounces of water.

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As a chiropractor, we can offer a different perspective that is nontoxic, nonchemical, and all natural in treating migraine headaches. Chiropractic is extremely effective and the beautiful thing about it is, there are no side effects from it. It is truly allowing your body to function better and heal itself better and express life at the fullest potential.