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If you have ever you have ever been in a car accident or suffered from whiplash in Coon Rapids MN, you can find yourself suffering from hidden injuries that just nag and annoy, or you could be suffering only minimally and infrequently. However, no matter your symptoms or level of pain, whiplash is a serious injury that should be treated with care and tended to immediately. At Caring Chiropractic Center, we offer chiropractic and massage therapy whiplash treatments that target the source of your whiplash pain and aim to restore proper function to the joints and tissues involved. Our Coon Rapids chiropractor and massage therapist will help you create a whiplash treatment plan that’s best for treating your pain, injured joints, and tissues based on its severity, location, cause, frequency, and longevity, making sure that we know everything we can about your injury before we begin treatment. With our help, you’ll be able to work toward a pain-free lifestyle again in no time, and you’ll find yourself wondering why you bothered to self-treat your injuries with pain relief medication rather than seeking help immediately.


As with any injury, whiplash symptoms are inexact and variable, which can make diagnosing whiplash complicated for our patients and for any chiropractor. If you’re suffering from any pain that you think might be whiplash, you should be sure that you understand the causes of whiplash as well as some of the more common whiplash symptoms. Whiplash is caused by trauma to the neck and back when your neck is strained away from your body and then abruptly whipped back. This is often caused by an auto accident when your head flies forward with the force of your vehicle, but your body is held back by your seatbelt and muscle reflexes, and then your head is whipped or strained back into the stationary position upon sudden jolt as in stopping. When this happens, your neck, back, and shoulders muscles are strained overstretched both forward and backwards as you fly forward and then back. You will have a stiff neck, back, or shoulders, or any form of shooting pains, aching, or numbness throughout your upper body, including in your arms. Headaches will be a by produce from the pain radiating from the neck into the head. Although the severity and cause of whiplash can vary, if you believe that you’re experiencing whiplash symptoms, don’t wait to get treated. The damage to your muscles creates a situation where the bones in those areas are not be supported and therefore can put pressure on your nerve system which travels in the spine. This is a problem most medical doctors DO NOT address! Dr. Ruf will address this issue and help you to understand and treat you so that further damage doesn’t occur from early onset scar tissue formation from the micro-tearing of the muscle fibers. This is why it is essential to seek proper treatment for those conditions immediately upon development.

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With chiropractic care and massage therapy, we are experience at Caring Chiropractic Clinic and are able to treat your whiplash injuries to help you get back to your pre-injury health, treating and relieving whiplash pain. Should you have injures to the spine we will take high tech digital x-rays to analyze the details of your injuries. Because auto accidents can so easily be responsible for the majority of whiplash injures, but they’re not the only cause of whiplash. In many cases, if you’ve taken a fall and felt your head “snap” or be jolted backward or forward, if you’ve had the wind knocked out of you, or if you’ve simply felt your head move too quickly and with too much force away from your body, you could be suffering from whiplash. No matter how simple you believe your injury is, make sure that you don’t write it off as a harmless injury that will heal itself. Get checked out immediately, and get the help you need from our Coon Rapids, MN chiropractor and massage therapist.