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Do you have this feeling that your nerves are all ignited, you constantly ache all over, feel in a fog, you feel sensitive to everything and always feel tired. You go to the doctor and they don’t seem to have any answers and actually treat you like you are just making all these symptoms up or exaggerating things you have wrong with you?

You may have Fibromyalgia in Coon Rapids MN!

Fibromyalgia is a chronic low grade inflammatory condition that results in pain in the soft tissue, being muscles, ligaments and sometimes even joints. Symptomatically, a person will often feel general regional muscle aching, pain on movement, reaction to weather, temperature, and barometric changes. They will notice changes in their cognitive symptoms with their loss of their ability to focus, think, and process life as well as seeing insomnia, headaches, numbness and tingling and a general lethargic feeling where all they want to do is sleep.

The diagnosis for the condition fibromyalgia is a difficult diagnosis to make. The condition can mimic and look like a lot of other symptoms or it can have multiple symptoms at the same time. People of chronic fibromyalgia usually have been living with progressive pain for the majority of their life. As time progresses, just like any condition the symptomology tends to keep deteriorating and getting worse with time.


Medicine will attempt to treat this condition using a host of various drugs, such as cortisone therapy, muscle relaxants, and different exploratory drugs. They are not sure if they have any profound effect on this condition, but that is all they have to offer. Physical therapy will utilize stretching of the muscles, which are very painful and often times ineffective, because you are working tissues with inflammation that resist movement.

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Society has been so conditioned to look at their health in a certain way. You have something hurt (symptoms) or perceive something just is not right with your body, you go into the doctor to get it “fixed”. What this “fix” means to them and the doctor is to just take away the pain or symptoms. Drugs or surgery became the treatment of choice because they were quick, easy and often a onetime thing. But more and more lately we are presented with these slow, debilitating, chronic, all-encompassing illnesses where pills and surgery do not have any effect. With this new level of illness there has to be a new level of thinking about health.

Chiropractic doctors pride themselves on looking at health from a different viewpoint. They try to look at a body and actually try to figure out what is the cause of the body’s reaction and symptoms and then work to get it functioning so that it can get back to the way God meant it to function. Instead of reacting to the symptoms of fibromyalgia and trying to numb your nervous system with drugs they want to reignite and connect the nervous system with its brain and get it working together again. We are not going to lie and say that it won’t be hard or that you are going to be completely healed, but once your nervous system is calmed down and running like it should, there is no limit to the power of the body when it heals itself. After all, the best healer is within you! We believe that your body knows best how to heal, it just needs no interference.

What if…

  • your body has so many areas of pressure that the whole system is totally irritated.
  • there is brain stem pressure so that you can’t even think straight anymore.
  • your body is so confused by all the pressure on its nerves that it is fighting to do the most elementary processes and would rather it sleep to shut down more stimulation it can’t handle.
  • what if the nerves to the organs have pressure and start doing things that no one can diagnose.
  • there was an answer that you haven’t thought of before.


A very effective treatment for fibromyalgia sufferers is Chiropractic care in Coon Rapids MN. Chiropractic is the treatment to your nervous system. Contrary to what most people think, Chiropractors are most concerned with the nerves in the body and making sure that they communicate with the brain to run everything! What we mean by “treating” the nervous system is when you have bones and joints of the spine and extremities that are out of alignment they end up pressing on nerves. This in turn interrupts the energy or nerve flow from the brain to all the tissues in the body. Chiropractic “treatment” consists of first finding and detecting if there is any pressure on your nervous system and then systematically putting together a series of adjustments to the bones that are interfering with it. As we correct what we call “subluxations” (bones out of place putting pressure on the nerves) the body will have an opportunity to reconnect and revitalize itself. In the case of fibromyalgia, the upper neck is often the region where bones are out of alignment, pinching on the brain stem, interrupting the nervous systems ability to coordinate and run the body. This process can be very rewarding for the patient and is very pain relieving. Once the circulation is restored to the deteriorating tissues (in this case the muscles, tissues and systems) the pain levels may drastically subside and the patient will notice great relief.